Welcome to Duck Hollow Kitchen.


Sort of. The real Duck Hollow kitchen is can be found in a nineteenth century stone house on my parents’ farm in the Illinois. A reluctant east coast transplant, I attempt to replicate tastes of home in the tiny, less beautiful kitchen of my Boston apartment.


I come from a formidable tradition of female cooks: my oma, who created unattainably fancy French fare; my grandma, who made simple, delicious, stick-to-your-ribs dinners-for-12-for-4; and my mom, who can create an incredible meal out of nothing, cooked for our family every day, and from whom I learned to love food.


What you’ll find here is good food—mostly simple, attainable recipes made with real ingredients and without a lot of concern for food-philosophies. What you won’t find: pretentious things, things masquerading as something they’re not (I’m looking at you, sugar-free desserts).


I’m Jess. I love to eat, and I so have learned to love to cook. I have no professional training in food, just a big appetite and an adventurous approach (and also a very patient boyfriend/taste tester/dishwasher extrordinaire). My favorite foods are ice cream, cheese (is anyone else rebelling against childhood dairy intolerance?), peaches, and anything in a crust or a stew.